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(+855) 089 555 686
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Address: No. 555, Phum Kruos,
Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap,
Kingdom of Cambodia


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Angkor Palace Group

Angkor Palace Group :

  • Borey Angkor Palace

    Borey Angkor Palace

    Now our new construction is on the market, Borey Palace Resort. Be fast and reserve your apartment before someone ...

  • Angkor Palace Resort

    Angkor Palace Resort

    One of our primary histories is Angkor Palace resort. It becomes proof of how much we can achieve over the past ten years ...

  • Borey The Premier Angkor Palace

    Borey The Premier Angkor Palace

    In the construction progress, Borey the Premier Angkor Palace will cover a large land area which is even more modern...